Giglio Island Castello

It is hard to imagine, on a small island like Giglio, an old village as carefully preserved as Giglio Castello. In this medieval village, listed among the “Most beautiful boroughs in Italy” and surrounded by walls, you can still breathe the magical village air. Life goes on at a leisurely pace, slower than elsewhere, and in tune with the seasons. Everything is still on a human scale with an old-time atmosphere. Baskets and fruit-drying racks are woven by hand; the famous “Ansonico” wine grapes are still produced, which together with the healthy home cooking, pay tribute to nature which has left its mark everywhere. The evenings spent in Giglio Castello are pleasant surprises: the air is cool and the walk along the walls offers a breathtaking view; you can see the other islands in the Archipelago, the continent and enjoy the warm sunset colours. It is also pleasant to go for a walk (cars are parked outside the walls) in the Borgo with its narrow alleys, the small squares enlivened by shops and restaurants where good cuisine is guaranteed; it will be even more pleasant to discover the warm and genuine hospitality of the Giglio Castello inhabitants. The village is a 5 minute drive from all the creeks and beaches.