Giglio Island Beaches - Caldane Beach

The spiaggia delle Caldane is a charming creek, which is never overcrowded, therefore ideal for relaxation. It is located on the south-east coast of the Island, bordered by lush Mediterranean shrub and overlooking beautiful clear turquoise water which, thanks to the gently sloping seabed rich in posidonia, is a paradise for swimming and snorkelling enthusiasts. The beach can be reached by land, a 20 minute walk from the nearby spiaggia delle Cannelle, along a path which is not always easy, through the maquis along a cliff with panoramic views. If you wish to reach it by sea and do not own a boat, there is a convenient boat service.

Isola del Giglio Spiaggia del Caldane 1

Isola del Giglio Spiaggia del Caldane 2